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Queensland Education Department to rationalise applications

by David Shi •
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The Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET) plans to cut the number of applications in use across the 60,000 person organisation, in order to free up ICT resources for other strategic initiatives on its agenda.

The Department is currently looking for an external provider to supply it with a road map towards this applications rationalisation, which will cover approximately 35 .NET and Microsoft programs.

Labelled as the Applications Rationalisation Assessment, the project will provide the DET with a clear image of the status of the Department’s current application portfolio. The assessment will also provide recommendations geared towards increasing business value whilst reducing operational costs.

“It is envisaged that the plan will document a strategic review of the current functional, technical, financial status of DET application portfolio,” say the tender documents.

With over 300,000 desktops currently installed in Queensland public schools and TAFEs, the assessment will cover the use of applications across one of the State’s largest ICT environments,   

According to the tender documents, the successful applicant will be required to undertake and complete the following objectives:

  • Complete a strategic review of the current functional, technical and financial status of the DET application portfolio;
  • Identify areas of improvements, alongside the associated costs and benefits;
  • Prioritise the recommended change initiatives and define a project plan;
  • Recommend a governance structure and process for the on-going management of DET application portfolio; and
  • Engage key stakeholders to support the assessment.

According to a briefing given by Andrew Bennett, Director of ICT Procurement at the Department, in September last year, the following make up the key applications in use across the DET.

Administrative systems:

  • TRIM for records management
  • SAP Finance for  financial and asset management
  • TSS and Aurion for human resource management
  • Service-now for help desk
  • Interwoven TeamSite/OpenDeploy for customer management

The operational systems:

  • ISAS2 (Peoplesoft Campus Solution)
  • OneSchool (.Net/Agresso)
  • OnePortal (SharePoint)
  • The Learning Place (Blackboard/Janisons/SharePoint/Aquella)
  • TAFE LMS (Janisons)
  • IDM (Tivoli/TIM/TAM/FIM/ILM)

The final report will be delivered to the Executive Management Team of the Department’s Information Technology Branch (ITB). The ITB is responsible for setting the DET’s ICT strategic direction and policy, as well as delivering the Department’s various ICT projects and initiatives.

The findings and recommendation of the final report will be expected to influence the DET’s future ICT procurement plans.

The assessment will commence on 22 February 2012, with the final strategic report due to be delivered by 30 June 2012. All vendor applications for the project are due by 8 February 2012.


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