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SA Health seeks e-recruitment system

by Sam Murphy •
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SA Health is searching for an e-Recruitment System to both manage the end-to-end recruitment process of the over 4,000 positions it advertises annually and to interface with its human resource systems.

eRecruitment systems have now been widely deployed within the Australian Public Sector (APS). In 2010-11, the Department of Finance and Deregulation ($52,000 contract), the Australian Taxation Office ($769,000 contract) and the former Department of Immigration and Citizenship ($73,000 contract) were among a significant number of agencies to sign contracts with NGA.NET.

According to Intermedium’s Analyse IT, the total contract value for NGA.NET in 2010-11 was $1.8 million. This grew to $3.1 million in 2011-12 and $3.5 million in 2012-13 as more agencies including the Department of Treasury ($31,800 contract) and the Australian National Audit Office ($138,000 contract) adopted the system.

An invitation for Expressions of Interests (EOI) has been released by SA Health to provide a replacement for its current PageUp People e-Recruitment system ahead of its March 2015 contract expiry date.

According to the EOI, “SA Health is now seeking to undertake an assessment of viable and optimum solutions available in the market in preparation for the expiry of the existing system supply and maintenance contract.”

The system is to be “a robust single platform, which provides for ease of navigation, intuitive operation and full on-line help”. It will serve the Department’s 161 human resource employees and over 8,000 hiring managers who have a potential need to access the system.

According to the EOI documents, in 2010, SA Health implemented an e-Recruitment system that automated processes, improved interaction between job candidates and SA Health and reduced the costs of sourcing and advertising. However, SA Health expects the new system to be compatible with mobile technology and allow for information to be accessed online by staff anywhere and at any time.

The eRecruitment system will also be required to interface with SA Health’s Complete Human Resource Information System (CHRIS) as the two systems will share information such as job details. Once a position has been filled the eRecruitment system must automatically update employee details on CHRIS.

SA Health has nineteen CHRIS databases which are deployed independently of each other. A project is currently underway to transition those separate databases to a single instance of CHRIS. This will better enable the eRecruitment system to share information with CHRIS across the whole Department. 

In addition, the e-Recruitment system must be able to interface with:

  • SA Health’s career portal;
  • The SA Government employment website; and
  • Third party job sites (e.g. Seek and Career One).

The new system must also have the ability to automatically post advertisements onto job boards, implement configured workflows for online application and candidate management and communicate with hiring managers and applicants via email with standard mail generation and mail merge functionality.

The eRecruitment system is just one project in SA Health’s large ICT agenda which is dominated by the $485 million eHealth project.  The eHealth project includes a $422 million Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS), the design phase of which was completed in 2011-12, according to the SA Health 2011-12 Annual Report. 

However the EPAS only began a progressive roll out in November 2013 after US technology supplier Allscripts delayed the process because of issues with the delivery of the billing modules of the system.

The continued roll out of eHealth and the implementation of any new e-Recruitment system will be the responsibility of a new CIO after former SA Health CIO David Johnston departed in October 2013.

Submissions for the e-Recruitment system close on 16 December 2013.

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