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Suppliers benefit from NSW ‘regtech’ millions

by Chris Huckstepp •
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Leveraging digital solutions to reduce the regulatory burden on individuals and businesses is a major priority for the NSW Government, presenting significant opportunities for suppliers of regulatory technology (regtech) and services.    

The Department of Customer Service (DCS) received almost $100 million in project funding to spend on two regulatory programs in the 2022-23 budget year:  

  • The Complaints, Compliance and Enforcement Program (CCE Program); and  

  • The Modernise Licencing and Compliance Program  

The CCE Program is rolling out solutions to modernise regulation across government, according to a recent blog post by CCE Program Director Verushka Harvey.  

It was allocated $31.7 million in new project funding for several reforms at SafeWork and Fair Trading NSW, covering complaints, compliance, investigations and enforcement. 

Amanda’ is a case management platform owned by Granicus, which supports compliance and licencing automation.  

NSW is “the first [government] in the southern hemisphere to implement the AMANDA platform, which is the key operational system supporting our regulators,” according to Harvey.  

“The work we are doing to integrate our customer experience and data dashboarding solutions to create a whole of government Regulation.NSW ecosystem is leading the way for pro-active industry regulation.”  

“We’re creating a single view of government so businesses can view their licensing compliance in one spot and streamlining our processes to allow for consistent engagement points for customers across the various regulators in NSW. By making it easier to engage with us, we are giving back valuable time to customers and businesses.” 

NSW’s Modernise Licencing and Compliance Program has been going since 2020 and has had a total budget funding of $104 million, according to 2022-23 budget papers. $65.3 million has been allocated for spending in the 2022-23 budget year.   

Canadian-headquartered services firm CGI Global has a $2 million contract with DCS to provide services for the digital licencing platform, which is also underpinned by ‘Amanda’ software.   

The contract involves replacing “… previously disparate licensing systems to enhance licensing across NSW and provide a more cost-effective, standardised and improved citizen experience,” according to a 2021 press release from CGI.  

The platform (Licence.NSW) is the responsibility of DCS’s Government Technology Platforms (GTP) and supports agencies with licence management, analytics, verification and payment services, and document management.    

“In order to focus on seamless services, this new vision for licencing incorporates identity verification, automated approval processes and an integrated payment engine to provide error-free licence application and renewal turnaround with licences satisfying all approval criteria immediately issued online,” according to CGI.  

The NSW Government first announced digital licences in 2015 with the first batch (recreational fishers and hospitality workers) going live in the Service NSW app in November 2016.  

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