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Tassie digital transformation gets critical

by Chris Huckstepp •
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Tasmania sits in tenth place* in Intermedium’s 2022 Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator Report (DGRMI) **, behind New South Wales, Federal, New Zealand, Australian Capital Territory, VictoriaWestern Australia, Northern Territory,  South Australia and Queensland.

It will be critical for Tasmania to narrow the gap over the next 12 months to make sure that it does not make future efforts to provide citizens with convenient, safe and personalised services even more challenging. Intermedium notes in the DGRMI report that if digital government leaders continue their impressive drive, those jurisdictions which are lagging will find catching up a difficult and costly exercise, even with a determined effort to adopt the best practices from those leading jurisdictions.

The signs are promising. The Tasmanian Government has accepted almost all the recommendations of the Independent Review of the Tasmanian State Service report. Furthermore, the most recent 2022-23 budget allocated $150 million over four years for the initial phase of a mammoth Digital Health Transformation project, with the initiative to receive $475 million over the decade to 2032.

Factors considered in DGRMI scoring included:  

*The information used by Intermedium to establish Tasmania’s DGRMI score was prepared from a combination of summary information provided by the Tasmanian Government as well as research of public domain resources. Intermedium acknowledges that there may be more activity underway than it was able to discern from the information provided, and that Tasmania may have received a lower score than they otherwise would have if they filled out the full survey instrument provided by Intermedium. 

**Since 2016, Intermedium has provided a ‘no place to hide’ report on the jurisdictional digital transformation leaders and laggards. The 2022 report measures Whole of Government (WofG) progress on digital government readiness ‘enablers’ - digital strategies, policies, institutions, and governance arrangements. As of 2022, it also measures digital government maturity progress toward a government that is digital by design, user- and data-driven, operates as a platform and is open by default.

Click here to read a complimentary summary of the Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator report. It details the methodology and criteria used to determine the results. The full report can also be purchased from Intermedium by contacting

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