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Tassie’s $28 Million ICT Project Fund allocations to begin soon

by Sam Murphy •
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The Tasmanian ICT Policy Board expects to begin funding projects through the $28 million ICT Project Fund in October 2013.

The $28 million, four-year, capital ICT fund was established in the State’s May budget to fund “significant State Government ICT projects”. 

The Board has yet to officially consider any projects, despite $4 million of its total $28 million budget allocation being slated for expenditure in 2013-14.

Director of Tasmania’s Office of eGovernment Mitchell Knevett told Intermedium that “the next ICT Policy Board meeting, which is currently scheduled for early October, is likely to include consideration of projects with a view to determine if funding will be allocated to these projects”.

“Funding for successful projects will flow soon after the meeting.”

According to the ICT Policy Board Communiqué of 27 June 2013, the Board has established a draft assessment model to be used to assess projects for funding.

The model will consider the benefits of the project, conduct a strategic assessment of the project in relation to the Tasmanian ICT strategy and analyse the risks and funding. It was tested for suitability by applying it to four current and typical business cases developed in accordance with the Department of Treasury and Finance’s guidelines for Business Cases.

Despite the ongoing development of the fund’s management framework, there are a number of ICT projects already progressing. Some projects have already received operating expense funding in the 2013-14 Tasmanian Budget, but will have to go through the ICT project fund for their capital expenditure component.

Last month, the Government issued a Request for Information (RFI) for one of these projects: the Budget Information Management System.

The Department of Treasury and Finance is seeking submissions from suppliers for Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software packages “on potential solutions, costs and existing capabilities to support the implementation of a new Budget Information System (BIMS) to support the management of the Tasmanian State Budget”.

While it was flagged as potential project for the ICT fund no funding information was provided for this initiative in the budget.

Other partially funded initiatives seeking capital from the ICT Project Fund include:

  • A Criminal Justice Information System which has been allotted $573,000 per annum from 2015-16 for its operation; and
  • The Integrated Tasmanian Government Contact Centre Project which received $4.4 million in the budget.

The remaining initiatives listed in the Budget as prospects for funding through the Project Fund include:

  • State Revenue Systems;
  • An Emergency Dispatch Systems; and
  • A Student Management System Replacement.

Mitchell Knevett told Intermedium that no projects have been flagged as a priority yet.

The current members of the ICT Policy Board are:

  • Rhys Edwards, Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet, is the Policy Board Chair;
  • Tony Ferrall, Secretary, Department of Treasury and Finance;
  • Simon Overland, Secretary, Department of Justice;
  • Matthew Daly, Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services;
  • Kim Evans, Secretary, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment; and
  • Peter Croger, external member.


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