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Vic Auditor-General deems DHS’ information systems ‘inefficient’

by Intermedium •
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The Victorian Auditor-General's Office has labelled a number of the Department of Human Service’s systems inefficient.  An Audit Report on Residential Care Services for Children has found that performance monitoring is inadequate and “does not systematically monitor outcomes for the whole residential care population”. According to the Report, DHS’ incident reporting system is “time consuming to use and inefficient” while the Client Relationship Information System is “cumbersome and disorganised”. These systems rely on manual data entry which affects the timeliness of the information documented. In some cases, “Community Service Organisations (CSO) are required to fax incident reports to a DHS divisional office, which then replicates this information into multiple databases”. The Report noted that “Considering DHS has responsibility for these vulnerable children, the lack of an effective information system should be addressed as a priority”.

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