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Vic launches first state-based myGov service

by Justin Hendry •
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Victoria has become the first state or territory to offer government services through the Federal Government’s myGov portal, with the launch of its new online application system for social housing.

The system, described as Australia’s first online social housing register, is the first component of the new Victorian Housing Register, which will consolidate all social housing waiting lists into a single place and simplify the current application process.

“The Victorian Housing Register will mean Victorians will only need to apply once, rather than put their name down with every agency”, said Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing Martin Foley in a statement earlier this week.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency who manage the service, told Intermedium that the online application form that was developed in-house is hosted in the cloud and utilises myGov.

"There are two versions of the form. Individuals can apply for social housing online via myGov... with which most applicants would have an account as it is a requirement for Centrelink. Support agencies and community housing organisations can apply on an individual’s behalf through the Department of Health and Human Services Ebusiness portal.”

Despite the Victorian Government suggesting that it would use myGov for five government services by December 2014 in the 2014-15 ICT Strategy, the system is the first state government services to use myGov.

“The social housing application form is the first State Government service that utilises the federal government myGov portal”, the spokesperson said.

Other current services accessible through myGov are: Centrelink; Medicare; My Health Record; National Disability Insurance Scheme; Australian Taxation Office; Child Support; Australian JobSearch (jobactive); My Aged Care; and Department of Veterans’ Affairs services online.

The Victorian Government is yet to make a decision on whether to widely adopt the myGov online credentials service.

Acting Director, Business Systems, Policy and Standards Mathew Smith from the Enterprise Solutions Branch of the Department of Premier and Cabinet told Intermedium that “the government cannot comment directly on which services are undertaking or have completed a transition to the myGov authentication service” – as a result of planning and cybersecurity requirements, but that it aimed “to adopt existing solutions and services, including Commonwealth Government services, wherever possible.”

He said the government would review potential identity solutions and develop a statement of direction for staff/contractor identity management by March 2017, in line with Victoria’s 2016-2020 IT Strategy.

“The strategies developed in this statement of direction will help inform the government’s planning in relation to myGov’s service for online credentials.”

“Once this process is complete, the Victorian Government will outline its approach to authentication services such as myGov.”

The-Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull said in early 2015 that myGov would be made available to all state and local governments for free due to the low costs associated with onboarding agencies.

$50.5 million was allocated towards the modernisation of myGov in the 2016-17 federal Budget.

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