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Victoria Police updates suppliers on 2014-15 opportunities

by Chris Huckstepp •
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A seized property and forensics management system, mapping software, and Local Area Network (LAN) hardware and technical support are amongst the ICT and telecommunication opportunities listed in Victoria Police’s 2014-15 Annual Procurement Plan.

The document provides an overview of Police’s procurement plans for the new financial year, outlining the type of, and expected date for, market approach.

Out of a total count of 27 items in all categories, three are ICT items, and one is catagorised as Radio and Telecommunications. 


A request for tender (RFT) is expected to be released between July and September 2014 for Technical Support Local Area Network (LAN) Maintenance, Spare Parts and Support Project Services.

The RFT is likely to require “technical programming, maintenance, monitoring and hardware supply for private LAN”, as well as services relating to the telecommunications voice recorded network, Key Telephone System / LAN integration hardware, PABX network programming and configuration services, Traffic Information Management System, and the Telecommunications Services CCTV infrastructure and Microwave Network. 

Microsoft Licenses and Software Assurance

Victoria Police are planning to issue a request for quotation (RFQ) to approved providers for Microsoft Licenses and Software Assurance between July and September 2014. Intermedium understands that Victoria Police has around 12,500 desktops and laptops, and 1200 tablet devices.

Seized Property and Forensics Management System

The agency is set to release a RFQ for a Seized Property and Forensics Management System between April and June 2015. The Plan states: “Victoria Police currently utilise an application with a back-end database facility to store information and provide reports on seized property, forensic and laboratory management.”

Mapping Software

A RFQ for Mapping Software has been identified by the Plan for release between April and June 2015.

“Victoria Police utilises specialist mapping software to implement geospatial and "hot spot" mapping to record criminal activity, analyse trends and target police resources,” according to the Plan.   

However, there are no new allocations in the 2014-15 Victorian Budget that specifically reference these initiatives, so an accurate picture of the money involved will have to wait.  

2014-15 is expected to be a big year for the market and Victoria Police. As Intermedium reported in June 2014, Police are due to announce a $340 million contract for outsourced Information Technology (IT) services.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) in July 2013 sought “an IT Service Provider (s) of outsourced Information Technology (IT) services.” It was understood that Police expected the procurement process could take up to one year, which means an announcement is due in July 2014.

A spokesperson told Intermedium in June 2014 that "Victoria Police is progressing according to the agreed project timeline and the approved procurement strategy for the IT Services Contract. Probity and commercial confidence prohibits the release of specific details in relation to suppliers.”



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