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Victorian Health seeks new website - likely with open source CMS

by Kristen Hammond •
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The Victorian Department of Health has issued a request for tender for the redesign of their corporate website, review of their Content Management System and preparation of a Health Business Service Model.

The Department of Health’s corporate website,, has been in operation since the Department’s formation in August 2009 and includes 30,000 content objects located across over 200 subsites.  According to tender documents, released on 22 December 2010, the site requires urgent revision in order to meet the rapidly-changing needs of clients and the public.

To save resources and meet the short timeline, the Health Web Information Architecture Project will:

1.    Review the Department’s website to ensure it best meets client needs; 

2.    Review and map the Health Information Architecture relating to the site; and

3.    Review open source Content Management Systems.

The Health Web Information Architecture Project involves the establishment of a Project Office to oversee the development and delivery of the new

The project’s deliverables include:

  • Mapping the information and services involved with the corporate Health website and determining what information and services should be exported to or imported from the Department’s other major website, the Better Health Channel;
  • Creating an innovative and specific information architecture for; and
  • Engaging in high-level discussion with the Department’s Senior Executive for possible development options in the context of Department priorities.

The project also requires the successful tenderer to undertake a Content Management System (CMS) review and provide recommendations for an appropriate product or products. The successful tenderer must also prepare a Health Business Service Model, which will support the ongoing maintenance of the Information Architecture.

The Department estimates that the contract will commence by 8 April 2011, for a period of 12 months.  Tender documentation indicates an extension of one year to 8 April 2013 is possible at the Department’s discretion.

The tender closes on 3 February, 2011.               

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