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WA’s ICT Services CUA Refresh Reveals Whole-of-Govt Panels Still Going Strong

by Kristen Hammond •
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Western Australia will undergo the sixth refresh of its ICT services panel in 2011 with the release of a request for tender (RFT) by the Department of Treasury and Finance, underscoring the prevalence of whole-of-government (WofG) IT services panels at Australian State and Federal levels.

The WA RFT will update the Common Use Arrangement (CUA) for the provision of ICT Services in order to include new suppliers in the panel and allow existing vendors to tender for other categories. 

The CUA is estimated to have an $80 million yearly turnover. Suppliers are appointed to the panel for a three year term with two possible three-year extension options.

A spokesperson from the WA Department of Treasury and Finance told Intermedium that the CUA panel is usually refreshed quarterly and at a minimum is refreshed twice a year.

Included in the scope of the CUA are the following 12 services:

1.    Strategic business and planning services, including development of the strategic goals, directions and corporate environment of an organisation within an ICT context;

2.    Efficiency and optimisation services, including designing, developing and maintaining the operational tools, standards and methods to allow consistent and efficient delivery of quality business outputs;

3.    Risk management services within the ICT area;

4.    Procurement management services, including assistance regarding procurement and integration and delivery of services;

5.    Project management services, including end-to-end assistance for discrete project activities regarding the technological infrastructure of the organisation;

6.    Business solution services, including management and maintenance of core business applications and the web-based eBusiness application system;

7.    Server management;

8.    Desktop management;

9.    Network and facilities;

10. IT security management services;

11. IT repairs and maintenance services; and

12. Research and advisory services.

Procurement of software and hardware and the services associated with their acquisition is not covered by the panel, nor is recruitment of specific resources, such as human resources.

According to the RFT’s slide presentation, the CUA was established as a replacement for WA’s ‘SPIRIT’ framework. The old SPIRIT system, an ICT procurement and governance framework allowing agencies to purchase ICT services from a group of pre-qualified suppliers, was said to be too complex and ‘granular’ and was replaced with the current CUA on 9 September 2009.

WA is not alone in using a WofG panel for the procurement of ICT services. Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia already have similar arrangements in place, while the Federal Government and Queensland are both looking into establishing WofG ICT services purchasing arrangements.

The WA ICT Services Panel RFT closes 25 February 2011.

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