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Weekly Contract Round-Up 09 May

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The Department of Defence and Defence DMO published a whopping 10 contracts with total value of $51,463,244 between 17 and 23 April. Dominating this contract total were three key agreements. The Department of Defence signed a $29,805,604 contract with EMC Global Holdings Company Pty Ltd for the Design and Deliver a Tier-1 Storage Environment.  The Department also signed a $15,455,387 contract with CISCO to design and deliver a communications and Network Environment.  Both of these contracts last for about one month and expire before the end of the current financial year. Finally the Department will engage Oracle Corporation to provide product advisory services and product information sessions for 15 months, at a cost of 1,398,270. 

Defence also entered into two mid-range value contracts. The first was for the development of options for the introduction of a dynamic capability migration forecasting model. Defence engaged Futura Simulations for this task in a three-month contract worth $258,600. The second contract was for the development of information management next steps documents for the CIOG 108/11 system, and Defence has engaged IBM in a contract worth $175,560.

The Department of Defence’s three remaining contracts were for the hire of specialist services on Future IT Network Infrastructures with CPT Global at a value of $46,200, the provision of financial management information system services from Analytics Group for $41,415, and Environment Hosting for Tri Service Based Seminar (Webinar) from HP Enterprise Services for $39,958.

The Defence Materiel Organisation signed a contract with Hedloc for the provision of Google search appliance hardware, software, licence and assessment worth $763,620.

The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry has published a contract which it signed with KAZ Group in 2009 for the redevelopment of its import conditions database at a total value of $13,347,739. The three year contract expires at the end of June 2012.

In a contract worth $38,346,500, the Department of Immigration & Citizenship has engaged CSC for the provision of Midrange and Mainframe infrastructure services for three years to 30 June 2013. The Department also signed a smaller contract with PWC for the evaluation and review of their website at a value of $150,000.

In a transaction which seems to be indicative of serious whole of government e-Gov initiatives, Finance has also contracted Deloitte for the review of the Whole of Government Online Transaction Capability in a contract worth $36,010.

The Department of Health and Ageing has procured data warehouse project management services and business analysis services from C3 Business Solutions for $331,103.

The Strategic Directions Group has won a contract of worth $167,640 from the Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations for the provision of strategic advice for their telecommunication network and contract negotiations.

The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities engaged UXC Information Management to conduct a EDRMS Business Case Review and Scoping Study for $125,400.

CSG Solutions has undertaken a Proof of Concept for the CBMS Redevelopment Project for Finance at a cost of $50,000 to the Department.

The Department of Defence, Fair Work Australia (FWA) and the National Blood Authority (NBA) have all posted contracts with the Department of Finance and Deregulation, some of which reflect the fees associated with procurement through the whole-of-government panels run by the latter. Defence paid a $3,478,594 administration fee for Whole of Government Telecommunications Procurement Arrangements and FWA paid a $14,935 Telecoms coordinated procurement fee for 2010/2011. The NBA paid $55,178 for the Procurement of Microsoft Software Licences which was conducted through Finance.

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