Digital Government Readiness Indicator

The Digital Government Readiness Report complements the Indicator by providing a detailed account of each jurisdictions’ preparedness to deliver citizen-centric digital services. It is updated on a quarterly basis and is available exclusively for subscribers.

The Digital Government Readiness Indicator rates the preparedness of each government jurisdiction in delivering citizen-centric digital services. Intermedium’s analysts have assigned weighted scores to eleven key criteria across the following six categories:

ICT Strategy: High scores in this category indicate that high-quality, relevant ICT strategies are in place and are consistently refreshed. Jurisdictions which publicly reported their progress against their listed strategic goals were awarded extra points.

ICT Policy: This category relates to digital privacy, data retention, open data and data security policies. Timeliness, relevance and how jurisdictions utilised these factors to inform their behaviour were evaluated.

ICT Governance: Higher scores were assigned to jurisdictions prioritising whole of government digital transformation. Additional points were awarded on the basis of excellence in internal government coordination (including cross-agency ICT governance structures such as policy boards and CIO committees).

Service Delivery Key Agencies:The past few years have seen the rise of strong key agencies responsible for citizen-facing service delivery across the majority of Australian jurisdictions. Scores in this category reflect the degree of service delivery provided by these agencies, as well as the centrality of their role in government as reflected in budget funding and policy.

Procurement Policy: This category measures the extent to which the jurisdiction has put in place policies that support ready access to innovative, contemporary solutions for service delivery.

Cross-jurisdictional Cooperation: Whether the jurisdiction has announced its intent to share or work with other Australian jurisdictions with regards to government service delivery, and the extent to which this cooperation has actually been realised.

The maximum score possible for any jurisdiction is 10.