Events and training

Data analytics - Government hot spots and supplier opportunities

Get our take on which government sectors are most active in the use of data analytics for service optimisation and where future opportunities are likely to emerge.

Government Cyber Security Readiness Indicator Report 2020

Are all jurisdictions being equally effective in what they are on the cyber security front? Learn how jurisdictions compare in terms of the cyber security readiness steps they have taken at the whole of government level.

Implementing digital Identity across Australia - who is doing the work and where?

Get our view on who is doing what in the digital identity space, what suppliers are involved and where any opportunities are likely to emerge.

Defence - Big changes to Australian Industry Capability

Changes under the Australian Industry Capability Program will improve accountability and transparency, and facilitate greater engagement of SMEs. What does this mean for new and existing Defence suppliers?

Life journey mapping - why does it matter for IT companies?

Learn more about what Life Journey Mapping is, how far it has progressed, who’s driving its adoption and what impact, if any, COVID-19 might have.

Defence's big plans for digitisation and mobilisation

We take a look at Defence’s Mobility and Digitisation Project, and the issues and factors analysed that have applicability across all of government.