1 July Federal Budget Briefing

Important updates for attendees.

New Normal Signals : Federal Government ICT and Digital Priorities

Event Update

Intermedium has had to alter the 2021 Federal Budget Briefing arrangements on Thursday, 1 July, due to the developing COVID-19 situation.

There is a significant risk that the ACT government will ban large gatherings in the next few days, and two key panellists are already subject to stay at home requirements. In addition, several intending attendees can no longer travel to Canberra. 

Intermedium is putting in place the following alternative arrangements and trusts that you will find this acceptable.

Alternative arrangements

Intermedium will deliver its budget analysis as a live virtual event on Thursday, 1 July, from 0900 am - 0945 am. 

The fireside chat, panel discussion and breakfast components of the briefing have been rescheduled to 10 August - still at the Hotel Realm. Your existing ticket will provide you with entry to the rescheduled event.

We believe this solution will provide attendees with Intermedium's Federal Budget insights as readily as possible while retaining the popular elements of the physical event, such as networking and Q&A. 

Due to these changed, should you wish to nominate an alternate person in your place, please contact the accounts team.

Accessing the virtual briefing

You will be emailed a personal access link to the virtual briefing by the close of business on 29 July.

Intermedium sincerely apologises for the disruption these changes may have caused and hopes the alternate arrangements provide the best solution possible for our attendees.

Contact account support