Data Snapshot

Government ICT market data tailored for your specific needs

Trim down time spent on research with Intermedium’s no-frills market data snapshot based on your own parameters.

Gain access to specific market data information that aligns with your research and analysis requirements
Conduct in-depth evaluation of market trends, supplier performance, and agency activities over the specified period
Set parameters from over 15 years’ worth of government ICT market data
Searching government information
Data Snapshot

Tailored Government Market Insights, As Needed

Get only the data you need from our comprehensive database. 

With government ICT market data that cover, your data snapshot request can be any of the following: 

  • The default configuration of 3 suppliers, 3 agencies, over a period of 3 years 

  • Varying number of agencies, suppliers, and years, as long as the total number amounts to 9 (i.e., 4 suppliers, 1 agency, 4 years, or 2 suppliers, 5 agencies, 2 years, etc.) 

Intermedium’s Data Snapshot

Hasten the pace of selling ICT to government with market research tailored for your goals.

  • Unparalleled advantage with customised intelligence 

  • Enhanced market understanding with research that suit your specific requirements 

  • Valuable market data coveted by top ICT companies nationwide 

Excited to take advantage of this practical, time-saving solution?

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