Supplier Evaluation Tools

Informing stronger procurement decisions

Intermedium's supplier evaluation tools allow agencies to minimise risk, and maximise return from supplier investment.

Understand the supplier landscape across Australia
Cleaned & Categorised
Analyse data across key metrics and benchmark market offerings
Over fifteen years worth of searchable contracts, panels and tenders.
expiring contracts data

Understand how suppliers are engaged with other agencies

Know how your suppliers engage with agencies across other jurisdictions to benchmark your spending and ensure your solution is efficient and cost-effective. 

SME evaluation chart
Supplier insights

Encourage diversity among your suppliers

With an increasing emphasis placed on sovereign and SME procurement, Intermedium's tools make it easy to determine which suppliers are local and if they are SME status.

Expiring contract data
Contract analysis

Maintain visibility across expiring contracts and panels

Remain up to speed with contract expiry and renewal dates, allowing you to start the procurement process at the right time and consider new suppliers.

Jurisdictional spending
jurisdictional insights

Know how other jurisdictions are spending

Keep abreast of the market size with a detailed data set of the procurement environment across other Australian state governments.

How would your agency benefit from Intermedium's tools?

Intermedium's supplier evaluation tools allow agencies to gain new insights into their procurement activity and ensure that supplier solutions are efficient, fit for requirements and cost-effective. 

  • Ensure your suppliers are effective
  • Benchmark your solutions cost against other agencies
  • Minimise risks from your suppliers
  • Assess local offerings
  • Maximise SME engagement

Minimise risk, promote diversity and maximise value

Let's arrange a time to discuss how Intermedium's tools can assist your agency in securing the right suppliers for your objectives. 

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