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Tailored, effective and specialised research

There is strong determination by governments across Australia to be seen as fiscally responsible, and to do this they must maintain or return their budgets to surplus. This in turn has created an ongoing environment of constrained operational expenditure funding for ‘business as usual’ ICT activities, and an ongoing expectation that costs can be stripped out of BAU through a variety of cost saving measures.

Therefore, it is imperative that you have a deep understanding of the market state-of-play to participate most effectively in it.

Intermedium can deliver anything from full-scale, in-depth research projects utilising a range of methodologies, to deliver comprehensive market insight and analysis, down to short, sharp assignments to fit a specific need.

With a highly skilled research base Intermedium delivers practical, actionable analysis.

Intermedium can employ a range of methodologies including:

    Data Analysis – our comprehensive contract and budget data for all jurisdictions span multi-year periods to provide trend, market size, competitor and buyer activity
    Desk Research – comprehensive desk research of public (and where appropriate and possible, private) domain sources of relevant information, including government publications, agency web sites, press articles, budget papers, tender documents, reported contracts, reports of Parliamentary hearings and Intermedium research articles
    One-on-One Interviews – dependent upon your requirements, field-based one-on-one interviews of senior to very senior level individuals within government agencies, enterprise suppliers or advisory firms to both buyers and suppliers can be conducted

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