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Research tailored to your business needs

Our research services can assist you in overcoming difficult business problems or to support your decision making and business case development. Our primary and secondary ICT research services deliver specialised insights into business issues for our industry clients, generated through optimised quantitative or qualitative research techniques. 

With a highly skilled research base of senior ex-government personnel, we tailor our research design to your needs and deliver practical, actionable analysis.

Our experience and client networks give us a deep understanding of the inner functionings of government and how to deliver you the most value possible in research undertaken.

Whether you are planning strategy or just need an objective perspective on your business' decision, our research will prove its benefits to your company.

Qualitative research

Intermedium can provide end to end qualitative research on:

  • Purchasing drivers and barriers

  • Attitudes towards your company's brand and market positioning

  • Your market portfolio

  • Specialised business cases

Competitor Intelligence Reports

Based on your company's requirements, we can examine:

  • Market Share (% per nominated agency or supplier)

  • Year on Year Change (% growth/decline)

  • Nominated supplier market share

  • Nominated agency market share

  • Nominated sub-categories of supply

Quantitative research

Intermedium can perform quantitative research on:

  • Government ICT contracts data

  • Published government budget data

  • Government benchmarking data (where available)

  • Agency provided data.

Desk research

Intermedium can perform a wide range of desk research to meet your company's needs utilising:

  • Key Intermedium resources (Knowledge Base, Public Sector Overviews)

  • Published ICT Policies and strategies

  • Jurisdictional audit reports

  • Annual reports

  • Industry press