Tender Response Service

Advisory support in all stages of the tender response process

The right advice at the right time to dramatically increase your chances of winning

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Mitigate the organisational strain
Alleviate the effort, stress, and internal resource costs associated with responding to a tender
Resonate with the right context
Demonstrate your clear understanding of the tendering agency's core objectives
Differentiate with the right solution
Submit a compelling proposal that addresses both the agency's explicit and implicit requirements

Boost your success rates with the right start on your government bid

Your organisation will benefit from our knowledge transfer while being assured that your tender response is of a consistently high standard.

The right advice at the right time to dramatically increase your chances of winning

Specialist advisory services at any or all stages of the tender response process

A comprehensive understanding of the tendering agency and an appreciation of their needs and expectations are crucial elements towards forming the deep contextual background on which to draw for your tender response.

So are storyboarding a cohesive winning response across your organisation, getting the pitch right from agency-specific perspectives, and understanding the deciding factors that determined the results of your past bids.

Talk to us around assistance in any of the areas below:

Market Intelligence

  • Comprehensive agency profiling
  • Defining a value proposition that is all about the tendering agency
  • Competitive differentiators relevant and relative to the agency's needs
  • Impactful executive summary that makes the difference between winning and losing

Response Development

  • Storyboarding a 'response bible' to guide a cohesive winning response across bid team members

Pre-submission Response Review

  • Red Team review to ensure a quality response that meets expectations of government evaluators
  • Document editing service that adheres to public sector language standards
  • 'Shark tank' styled critique of your pitch from the viewpoint of agency evaluators

Results Post-Mortem

  • Unbundling the agency's deciding factors of your bid results for future use


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