Executive Compass

Horizon outlooks by jurisdiction

Executive level market intelligence to ensure your government ICT business stays in the right direction

Sharp insights
Succint market observations for strategic planning and decision making
Market predictions
Data-supported demand indicators to support scenario analysis
Major jurisdictions
Available for FED, NSW, VIC, QLD and NZ
Intermedium's Four Horizons Framework

Gain clarity about the future

Being able to develop likely scenarios and assessing their probability of occurring will be vital in helping you evaluate your options and plan appropriate responses.

Executive Compass incorporates Intermedium's Four Horizon Framework to inform its analysis, predictions and market intelligence. This framework is characterised by different phases of citizen expectations and government responses to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Executive Compass

Navigate changes with certainty

Understand the macro and micro factors that influence demand in your jurisdiction to help you respond in a timely manner. Outlooks are adjusted on a periodic rolling basis to reflect each jurisdiction's progress at the the time of publication.

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