Scout IT

Scout for leads from panels, procurement plans and expiring contracts

All the information you need to rapidly identify the ICT opportunities to pursue in the federal and state governments

Search in real-time for government contracts that are up for renewal
Current tender opportunities are kept updated on a daily basis
Agency and supplier leaderboards to easily identify prospective partners and competitors

Position for contract renewals and get on the right panels

Scout IT provides you with the details of current contracts, open panels, open tenders and annual procurement plans - all viewable through online dashboards - to quickly identify opportunities for early agency engagement in the federal and state governments.

agency leaderboard

Determine the strategic alliances you may need to form

Easily identify suppliers on ICT panels to gain valuable insights regarding prospective partners to form strategic alliances with, as well as competitor profiles and the government markets they are strong in.


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Win a greater share of the Federal and State government ICT markets

Search in real-time for contracts likely to be renewed at expiry and give yourself the most lead time to articulate your alternative solution to the agency. As a bonus, get alerted on daily tender opportunities for your jurisdictions of choice.