Perception Audits

Understand how well you are perceived by the public sector market

Gain a baseline view of how agencies perceive your business compared to your peers

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Public Sector Interviews
In-depth interviews conducted by our subject matter experts with a broad sample set of your target government market
Deep Dive Analysis
Uncover strengths, gaps, misconceptions and opportunities for improvement based on the interview results
Improve your sales and marketing efforts and service delivery to regain competitive positioning in your target agency

Identify and close your perception gaps

We will assist you in uncovering misperceptions about your business and develop actionable remedial plans to close the gap

Understand how well you are perceived by the public sector market

Baseline reference for measuring your improvements

The perception of your brand, products, solutions, services and position in the market all have an impact on how the public sector market will respond. The image you are projecting may not be the same that is being perceived by your target audience.

Our objective is to gather your target government market’s expectations, preferences and satisfaction levels, and work with you to convert that insight into a service and operational improvement plan that will have the highest possible impact.

Raising government awareness of your brand

Not only will you receive comparative data on peers and competitors, our audit will allow you to: 

  • Demonstrate to government a willingness to listen
  • Signify intent to be proactive in government relations
  • Formulate enhancements in your government strategies
  • Uncover value detractors to drive message refinement


Market & Growth Potential
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Collateral Review
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Event Sponsorship
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Executive Boardroom Event
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