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Delivering digital solutions to citizens
Readiness Indicator Series

Are governments ready for digital service delivery?

Intermedium fundamentally believes that digital government services make better use of taxpayer dollars, prioritise citizens' needs, and improve the efficiency of the public sector. 

Serving as a means to benchmark, record, and motivate, Intermedium's Readiness Indicator reports assess how governments can better enable agencies to deliver sophisticated digital services through essential policies, structures and frameworks. 

Our nationally recognised reports are impartial and objective and address digital readiness, cyber security and employee experience.  

Explore our series of readiness indicator reports below.


2023 Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator

The DGRI assesses how well agencies have been enabled to deliver digital services to citizens.

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Government Cyber Security Readiness

The GCRI assesses the degree to which agencies are enabled to respond to cyber threats.

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Digital Government Employee Experience

The DGEE assesses whether governments are delivering modern employee experiences.

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Informing a stronger and more agile public sector

Intermedium is committed to delivering impartial research that informs the public sector across all components of delivering digital services to citizens. 

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