Solutions for suppliers to government and agencies

Intermedium's products and services offer support for key business activities across the public and private sector.

Market Intelligence Platform

Data to power your government strategy

Intermedium captures and cleanses publicly available procurement contracts data to create powerful, data-driven insights into the government supplier market. 

Easily benchmark your services against others, assess competitor contracts and anticipate which agencies will likely approach the market. 

Intermedium's data is captured, cleaned, and categorised according to our client's specific requirements, offering an all-in-one agency account planning tool.

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Market Intelligence

Centralised market intelligence for suppliers to government

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Market and Growth Potential

Understand your total addressable market to establish a realistic growth plan

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Bespoke Research

Generate required insights not otherwise obtainable for your planning and positioning

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The all in one data source for market opportunities and analysis

We spend the time cleaning the data so that you can spend time focusing on accounts.