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Intermedium's products and services offer support for key business activities across the public and private sector.

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Advisory services

Are you equipped to address agency requirements?

When it comes to digital government, a successful market strategy requires a sophisticated understanding of agency initiatives and objectives. 

Clearly addressing how your solution will assist agencies in delivering core services efficiently and effectively while minimising risk is critical.

Intermedium's advisory services assist almost 100 of the largest digital and ICT suppliers in ensuring that their solutions directly align with agency objectives, improving outcomes for both parties.

Explore our strategic advisory products and services below


Executive Compass

Executive reports designed to guide your leadership team throughout their government market strategic planning and decision-making cycles

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Knowledge Base

Articles on the latest government technology developments in Australia and New Zealand

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State Profiles

Bi-annual assessment of the key factors influencing the ICT market of major state governments

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Strategic Planning

Success through the right opportunity, at the right time and with the right plan

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Market and Growth Potential

Understand your total addressable market to establish a realistic growth plan

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Bespoke Research

Generate required insights not otherwise obtainable for your planning and positioning

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White Paper Development

Position with government decision makers as the go-to expert with answers to the big questions on their minds

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Executive Boardroom Event

Invitation-only thought leadership meetings covering topics relating to specific business or IT issues of immediate interest to government decision-makers

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Professional Development

Reduce the cost of sale to government and improve your win rate by understanding how to sell to government

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Achieve your goals and deliver agency objectives

Intermedium's advisory services will align your goals with agency objectives, improve your odds, and secure you more government business. 

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